Polypropylene CAS 9003-07-0

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Polypropylene Quick Details
Product Name: Polypropylene

CAS: 9003-07-0

Formula: C22H42O3

Molecular Weight: 354.56708

Appearance: White power

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Polypropylene Typical Properties


Physical properties

Specific density
 1.19 g/cm3

Melt Flow Index
3-6 g/10min

Cleanliness (chromoprotein)

Cleanliness (foreign particle)


Mechanical behavior

Tensile  strength (23℃)
32 Mpa

Notched izod impact strength (23℃)
39 J/M

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Polypropylene Usage

Used in the production of extruded film, composite film plastic products,etc.
Used in the production of polypropylene woven bags, packaging bags, injection molded products, etc.
Flame-retardant parts for the production of electrical appliances, lighting, lighting and televisions,etc.
Used in the production of various long and short polypropylene fibers.

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