potassium bitartrate cas 868-14-4

Appearance:White crystalline powder
Content: 99.0%~101.0%
Packing: 25kg/bag
Capacity: 1000MT/year
Sample: Available
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Potassium Bitartrate Details
Chemical Name:Potassium Bitartrate
CAS No.: 868-14-4
Molecular Formula: C4H5KO6
Molecular Weight:188.18
Molecular Structure:
Appearance: White crystal or crystalline powder
Potassium Bitartrate Typical Properties


White crystal or crystalline powder

Content (%)


Specific rotatory power [a] D25

Loss on drying (%)
≤ 0.5

Arsenic (As) (mg/kg)
≤ 3

Lead (pb)  (mg/kg)
≤ 2

Sulfate (SO4) %
≤ 0.019

Ammonium Test

Potassium Bitartrate Usage
1. Chemical industry: Potassium hydrogen tartrate is mainly used to make tartrates, such as potassium antimony tartrate, potassium sodium tartrate and so on.
2. Food: Used in the food industry as a beer foaming agent, food sour agent, flavoring agent, etc., its acidity is 1.3 times that of citric acid, especially suitable as a sour agent for grape juice. This product has been identified as an excellent food additive by the FAO/WHO Expert Committee.
3. Light industry: It also plays a very important role in industries such as leather tanning, photography, glass, enamel, and telecommunication equipment.
4. Laboratory: It is also used for the determination of bismuth, aluminum and nickel and the preparation of microbial culture media. It is also widely used in buffer solutions.
Potassium Bitartrate Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 25kg/bag
Potassium Bitartrate Storage
Stored in a cool dry, well-ventilated warehouse.
Stay away from fire and heat.
Prevent direct sunlight.


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