Pyridine hydrochlorideCAS#628-13-7


Pyridine hydrochlorideCAS#628-13-7

Pyridine hydrochlorideCAS#628-13-7 , Promotion Season Now in Store and Free Sample for Testing with Factory Price
  • Chemical Name: Pyridine hydrochloride
    CAS No.: 628-13-7
    Molecular Formula: C5H5N.ClH

    Molecular weight: 115.56

  • Sample: Available

Products Description of Solketal CAS#100-79-8

Pyridine, an organic compound, is a six-membered heterocyclic compound containing a nitrogen atom. It can be regarded as a compound in which one (CH) in the benzene molecule is replaced by N, so it is also called nitrogen benzene.

It is a colorless or slightly yellow liquid with a foul odor. Pyridine and its homologues exist in bone tar, coal tar, coal gas, shale oil, and petroleum. Pyridine can be used in industry as a denaturant, dyeing aid, and raw material for synthesizing a series of products (including medicines, disinfectants, dyes, etc.). Pyridine hydrochloride is the hydrochloride state of pyridine.

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Product Parameters of Pyridine hydrochlorideCAS#628-13-7

Product Application of Pyridine hydrochlorideCAS#628-13-7

  • A MEK inhibitor
  • Solketal is useful for the synthesis of mono-, di- and triglycerides.
  • It is used as the starting reagent for the synthesis of tulip-aline derivatives.
  • It acts as a fuel additive in gasoline.
  • It is an inhibitor of Methyl ethyl ketone.

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