Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9

Assay: 95%min
Appearance:Yellow powder or crystal
Packing: As customer request
Sample: available
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Retinyl Retinoate
Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Quick Details
Product Name: Retinyl Retinoate
CAS: 15498-86-9
Assay: 95%min
Molecular formula: C40H56O2
Molecular weight: 568.87
Molecular Structure:
Appearance:Yellow powder or crystal
Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Specifications:

Test item

Yellow powder or crystal

The NMR atlas should be consistent with that of the control sample

insoluble in water

ignition residue

Heavy metal


Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Main feature:
Cytotoxicity: IC 50 retinol 25μM, retinol retinoic acid ester is 40μM (60% higher than retinol), retinoic acid is a prescription drug, and it is forbidden to be used in personal care (IC 50 is a certain concentration of certain substance to induce 50% of the amount of cell apoptosis, used to measure the ability of the substance to induce apoptosis. The higher the cell toxicity, the weaker);
Biological activity: Retinol retinoate retains the cyclic end groups and side chain alkenyl groups, and still has the biological activity of retinol and retinoic acid. In vivo tests show that the ability to promote skin regeneration is better than retinol and retinoic acid;
Improve the optical stability and chemical stability of retinol, while reducing the irritation of retinol and retinoic acid.
Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Effect:
Promote the renewal speed of the skin surface, make the skin surface more compact and orderly;
Promote the dermis to accelerate the production of collagen and inhibit the destruction of collagen by MMP;
Increase the content of mucopolysaccharides (such as hyaluronic acid, etc.) in the epidermis to make the skin stronger in water retention;
Promote the metabolism of the stratum corneum, make the stratum corneum firmer and restore the barrier function;
Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Applicable Products:
Anti-aging products: Maintain the collagen in the dermis and prevent the collagen from degrading too fast. It is compounded with hyaluronic acid and bio-complex polysaccharide (hydrolyzed myrtle), and the improvement of fine lines can be observed within a week.
Whitening products: Cooperate with VC to inhibit tyrosinase, promote metabolism, and accelerate the disappearance of melanin. The literature shows that VC is equally effective in treating acne skin.
Sunscreen products: Inhibit the enhancement of MMP activity caused by ultraviolet rays, protect elastin and dermal collagen, and improve wrinkles and fine lines caused by UV irradiation.
Repair products: promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the body, reduce the TEWL of the skin, promote the activity of keratinocytes, increase the thickness of the epidermis, and make the epidermis stronger.
Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Storage:
Store the products in a dark, cool and dry place.
Retinyl Retinoate CAS 15498-86-9 Packing:
As customer request.


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