Rhodamine B CAS 81-88-9

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Rhodamine B

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EINECS No.:201-383-9

Place of Origin:Shandong China

Type:Basic Dye
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Rhodamine B Typical Properties

Product name
Rhodamine B



Shinning Dark Green Even Powder

Melting point
210-211 (dec.)(lit.)

0.79 g/mL at 20 °C

Rhodamine B Usage
 Rhodamine B is mainly used for industrial dyeing and is fat-soluble. Rhodamine B has strong fluorescence in solution and is used as a chemical book for cell fluorescent stains, colored glass, special fireworks and firecrackers in the laboratory. It has also been used as a coloring agent for seasonings (mainly chili powder and chili oil). It was once used as a food additive, but later experiments have shown that rhodamine B is carcinogenic, and it is now not allowed to be used as a food dye.
Rhodamine B Packaging and Shipping
Packaging:5kg/drum, 10kg/drum,25kg/drum,200kg/drum
Shipping: By air, by sea or by courier
According to customer’s request
Rhodamine B Storage
1000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month


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