Sodium chlorite CAS 7758-19-2

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Sodium chlorite 

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EINECS No.: 231-836-6


Type: Fine Chemicals

Appearance: White powder, White or slightly yellowish green aqueous solution

Application: Sodium chlorite is mainly used in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide. It is also used in the bleaching of fibers, fabrics, oils, pulp, etc., surface treatment of certain metals, and water sterilization.
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Sodium chlorite Typical Properties

Melting point
190 °C (dec.)

2.5 g/cm3



PH Range
10 – 11

explosive limit

Water Solubility
39 g/100 mL (17 ºC)

Brand Name
Fousi Chemical

Sodium chlorite Usage
Used as bleaching agent, decoloring agent, detoxifying agent, discharge agent, etc., used for drinking water purification, without chlorine odor, sewage treatment has sterilization, phenol and deodorization effect.
Sodium chlorite Packaging and Shipping
Packaging: 1kg/bag,  Based on customer’s needs
Shipping: Based on customer’s needs
Sodium chlorite Storage
Room temperature and normal storage conditions


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