sodium cocoyl isethionate cas 61789-32-0

Assay: 80%; 85%
Appearance: White flake, granule, powder
Capacity: 60 tons per month
Packaging: 25kg/fiber drum; 25kg/carton
Sample: available
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COA of Sodium cocoyl isethionate (granule)
COA of Sodium cocoyl isethionate (flake)
COA of Sodium cocoyl isethionate (powder)
TDS of Sodium cocoyl isethionate

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Sodium cocoyl isethionate
Sodium cocoyl isethionate Quick Details
Chemical Name: Sodium cocoyl isethionate
CAS No.: 61789-32-0
Molecular Fomula: C2Na6O47S20
Molecular Weight: 1555.23
Appearance: White flake, granule, powder
Assay: 80%
Sodium cocoyl isethionate Typical Properties


White flake, granule, powder

Minor characteristic odor


PH value(5%aq, 25℃)

Acid Value(aq) (mg KOH/g)

Water Content

What is sodium cocoyloxyethyl sulfonate?

Sodium cocoyloxyethyl sulfonate is an anionic surfactant based on natural coconut oleic acid. Sodium cocoyloxyethyl sulfonate is a mild, high foam personal wash product.
Sodium cocoyl isethionate Application
1. Its mildness and high efficiency, it acts as a self-emulsifier in facial cleanser, which has low irritation, fine and rich foam, and the skin is soft, smooth and silky after washing.
2. It has low surface tension, excellent effects of wetting, foaming and detergency, and excellent resistance to hard water.
3. Used for fine textile detergents, it is also widely used in the production of daily chemical products such as soap, shower gel, facial cleanser, foaming lotion and bath liquid.
Sodium cocoyl isethionate Packaging and Shipping
25kg/fiber drum; 25kg/bag

Sodium cocoyl isethionate Storage
The warranty period is 24 months from date of delivery from Haihang of stored in the original unopened container at 25oC.



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