sodium dichloroisocyanurate cas 2893-78-9

Appearance: white powder, granular or tablets
Assay: 56%
Packing: 50kg/drum
Capacity: 10000MT/year
Sample: Available
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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate Details
Chemical Name: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
CAS No.: 2893-78-9
Molecular Formula: C3Cl2N3NaO3
Molecular Weight: 219.95
Appearance: white powder, granular or tablets
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate Typical Properties


white powder, granular or tablets

Melting point

1 g/cm3

storage temp.

Water Solubility
30g/100ml (25 ºC)

Moisture Sensitive



Sodium dichloroisocyanurate Usage
1.used as a disinfectant for industrial water, portable water, swimming pool and textile finishing agent.
2.used for preventive disinfection and disinfection in all kinds of places such as sericulture, livestock, poultry and fish breeding.
3.used for finishing wool preshrunk, bleaching in textile industry, removing algae in industrial recirculating water and chlorinating agent for rubber.
4.used as disinfection for milk product and water.
5.used for wool anti-felting finishing for the product’s advantages such as safety, convenience, storage stability.
6.used as quick and efficient bactericide and disinfectant, decolorizer, fresh-keeping agent.
7.used for wool anti-felting finishing in acidic or weak alkaline range (PH4-8).
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 50kg/drum
Belongs to 5.1 Class dangerous goods, UN 2465 5.1/PG 2,shipping need take care
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate storage:
 Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and water


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