Starch CAS 9005-25-8

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Starch CAS 9005-25-8

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Chemical Name: Starch

Molecular Fomula: (C6 H10 O5)n

Appearance: White power

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Starch Typical Properties

Test   items

White powder, no visible evidence of contamination by foreign matter


4.5 ~ 7.0

Loss on drying           %

Residue on ignition       %

Iron                   %

Sulfur dioxide           %

Oxidizing substances

Total Microbial Count

Total mold and yeast

Escherichia Coli

Starch Usage
The new pharmaceutical excipients are used as thickeners, stabilizers, fillers, sugar-free pharmaceutical excipients, etc., are the main raw materials of dextrin, maltose and glucose, and are used as indicators for iodine analysis.
In the food industry, pregelatinized starch is added to the product during the manufacturing process. It acts as food stabilizer to help increasing the shelf life of a product and as thickener to give the product a creamy consistency once reconstituted. Common pregelatinized starches used in foods are corn starch, arrowroot and wheat flour. They do not affect the final taste of the food.
Pregelatinized starch can also be used to directly thicken food for patients on special diets due to dysphagia. The starches can thicken many foods to the consistency to aid those who have difficulty in swallowing.
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