Tetrachlorosilane CAS 10026-04-7

Packaging:22MT/ISO tank
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Tetrachlorosilane Quick Details
Chemical Name:Tetrachlorosilane
CAS No.:10026-04-7
Molecular Fomula:Cl4Si
Chemical Structure:

Molecular weight:169.9
Tetrachlorosilane  Typical Properties



SiHCl3, SiH2Cl2, HCl

High boilers

Melting Point

Tetrachlorosilane Usage
1. Used in the synthesis of organic silicon compounds, inorganic silicon compounds and pure silicon. Used in the preparation of organic silicon compounds and war smoke screens. Used in the production of organic silicon compounds, such as silicate, organic silicon oil, high-temperature insulating paint, and organic silicon. Resin, silicone rubber and heat-resistant cushion material.
2. High-purity silicon tetrachloride is a material for manufacturing polysilicon, high-purity silicon dioxide, inorganic silicon compounds, and quartz fibers.
3. Used in the military industry to manufacture smoke screen agents. The metallurgical industry is used to manufacture corrosion-resistant ferrosilicon.
4. Used as a mold release agent in the foundry industry. Uses: Used to prepare organic silicon, silicic acid ester, organic silicon oil, high temperature insulation, silicone resin, silicone rubber, etc. It is also used to absorb water and make smoke screen agents for war.
5. Synthesize organosilicon compounds, silicon monomers, silicone oil, silicone rubber and silicone resin. Preparation of silicates.
Tetrachlorosilane Packaging and Shipping
Packing:22MT/ISO tank
Delivery:Class 8 dangerous goods
Tetrachlorosilane Storage
Storage Conditions:Storeinacool,dry,well-ventilated place


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