Tin tetrachloride CAS 7646-78-8

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Tin tetrachloride

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MF:Cl4Sn, Cl4Sn

EINECS No.:231-588-9

Place of Origin:Shandong China, Shandong China
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Tin tetrachloride Typical Properties

Product Name
 Tin tetrachloride






 Product Categories
 Inorganics;Classes of Metal Compounds;Sn (Tin) Compounds;Typical Metal Compounds;metal halide;The synthesis of organic tin tin plating industrial mordant and organic synthesis catalyst

Tin tetrachloride Usage
Raw materials for synthesis of organotin compounds, mordant for dyeing, production of blue and photosensitive paper, lubricant additives, glass surface treatment to form conductive coatings and improve wear resistance.Used as cationic polymerization catalyst for isobutene, -methyl styrene, etc
Tin tetrachloride Packaging and Shipping
Aluminum Foil Bag ,Fluoride Bottle ,25KG/Fiber Drum,
According to customer’s request
Tin tetrachloride Storage
Store at room temperature and away from light


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