tributylphosphine cas 998-40-3

Appearance:Colorless clean liquid
Packing: 83kg/Cylinder
Sample: available
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tributylphosphine CAS 998-40-3 Quick Details
Chemical Name: Tributylphosphine
CAS No.: 998-40-3
Molecular Formula: C12H27P
Chemical Structure:
Molecular weight:202.32
Appearance:Colorless clean liquid
tributylphosphine CAS 998-40-3 Typical Properties


Colorless clean liquid



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tributylphosphine CAS 998-40-3 Usage
1. This product is the main ligand for homogeneous catalyst used in petrochemical production, and can be used as a reducing agent, an olefin polymerization catalyst, and the like.
2. Tributylphosphine is an important organophosphine ligand widely used in transition metal organic synthesis. It can also be used as a reducing agent to reduce the disulfide bond in the open protein, and also to reduce the carbonyl group and the epoxy group; it can also be used as an olefin polymerization catalyst, a carbonylation catalyst for dibenzyl alcohol, and an aminomethylation catalyst for polybutadiene. The unsaturated steroid is selected as a hydrogenation catalyst.
3. Tributylphosphine can be used as a strong reducing agent in organic synthesis or as a highly efficient catalyst. As a starting material for various surfactants, a phase transfer catalyst and a bactericide.
tributylphosphine CAS 998-40-3 Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 83kg/Cylinder
Delivery: bysea
tributylphosphine CAS 998-40-3 Store
Storage, Placedin a cool dry place.


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