Tungstic acid CAS 7783-03-1

Products Name

Tungstic acid

Tungstic acid Details
Chemical Name:Tungstic acid

CAS No.: 7783-03-1

Molecular Formula: H2O4W

Molecular Weight: 249.85

Appearance: Yellow Powder
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Tungstic acid Typical Properties

Yellow Powder


Boiling Point

Brand name
Fousi chemical

Tungstic acid Usage

This product is mainly used for making metal tungsten, tungsten wire, hard alloy, tungstate.
This product can also be used as printing and dyeing auxiliary agent, mordant for textile industry.
This product is also used as a petrochemical catalyst.

Tungstic acid Packaging and Shipping
Packing: 50kg/drum
Tungstic acid Storage
Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Store in cool place.


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