white beeswax cas 8012-89-3

Product Name: White Beeswax
CAS No: 8012-89-3
Appearance: White Granule or Lump

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White BeeswaxQuick Details
Product Name: White Beeswax
CAS No: 8012-89-3
Appearance: White Granule or Lump
White Beeswax TypicalProperties

Quality Standards

White Granule or Lump

No Special odor

(℃) Degree melting point

(KOH mg/g) Acid value

(KOH mg/g) Saponification value

(Iodine mg/g) Iodine value

(KOH mg/g)Ester value

Benzene insoluble(impurity)
Max 3%

Beeswax has a broad application prospect in many fields such as medical care, cancer prevention and treatment, drug blockers, fruit and vegetable preservation and feed additives.1. Medical careBeeswax in the field of medical care is mainly apitherapy and other traditional folk use. Apitherapy can effectively stimulate the parts with symptoms, accelerate the blood flow in the parts with symptoms, improve the permeability of cells and activate the regeneration function of skin cells. Commonly used for edema, bruising, scald early treatment. In addition, apitherapy can also be used in combination with other traditional Chinese medicine to prepare trauma pills.
2.Cancer prevention and treatmentBeeswax may be used in combination with other synthetic drugs. Has the enhancement immunity, the mobilization human body self-healing potential, the activation correlation organFunctions and so on. Studies have shown that patients with early, middle and advanced tumors can use different bee product proportions (obtained by adjusting royal jelly, queen bee larvae, beehive and nest-spleen hormone) to achieve therapeutic and preventive effects.
3.Drug blockersThe results showed that the compound drug sustained-release skeleton was formed by using the commonly used medical beeswax and porous hydroxyapatite artificial bone, and the slow release of drugs was realized through the biodegradation of beeswax and the pore size and porosity of porous hydroxyapatite artificial bone. The ibuprofen drug experiment proved that the structure was beneficial to the sustained release of the drug.
4.Fruits and vegetables preservationFood-grade polyethylene film is often used to preserve fruits and vegetables, but excessive use can lead to white trash, soil contamination and water pollution. Studies have shown that by using beeswax as a coating agent on the surface of fresh fruits and vegetables, the respiration intensity of fruits and vegetables can be controlled and the moisture loss of fruits and vegetables can be prevented, so as to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
5.Feed additiveZhou et al. found that the average weight gain of the experimental group was better than that of the control group by adding beeswax to the diet of meat ducks. They believe that beeswax has the function of inhibiting and killing microorganisms, thus effectively reducing the consumption of nutrients and saving various nutrients. At the same time, beeswax has the function of immunogenicity and promoting division, which can stimulate the body to produce antibodies and effectively reduce the loss of breeding.6. Other industriesBeeswax can also be used as an additive for beauty products such as bath liquid, lipstick, rouge, etc.
White BeeswaxPackage
25kg/ drum, or as customized package.
White BeeswaxStorage
Sheltered, dry, dark place for storage.


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