What is benzalkonium chloride?

This new coronary epidemic makes people gradually have a deeper understanding of protection and disinfection, all countries are looking for better disinfectants to deal with this epidemic, one of the products is benzalkonium chloride for this epidemic disinfection effect is very good, do you know benzalkonium chloride?

Benzalkonium chloride is a cationic surfactant, which is a non-oxidizing bactericide with high efficiency and a wide range of bactericidal and algaecidal ability, can effectively control the reproduction of bacteria and algae and slime growth in water, and has good slime stripping effect and certain dispersion and permeation effect, and also has certain oil removal, deodorization ability, and corrosion inhibition, the chemical composition is a mixture of dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride hydrocarbon. At room temperature for white waxy solid or yellow colloid, its aqueous solution course neutral or weakly alkaline, usually used for disinfection and antisepsis class agents.

How is benzalkonium chloride paste disinfected and sterilized?

Benzalkonium chloride dissociates into cationic surface-active groups in an aqueous solution, which can change the permeability of the cell plasma membrane and make the bacterium cytoplasmic material permeate. It has a purifying and sterilizing effect. It is widely used for the disinfection of skin and surgical instruments during medical procedures. In fact, the Band-Aids we often use contain benzalkonium chloride, which is also known as benzalkonium chloride patch, commonly known as Band-Aid. The registration number of chemical substance development (CAS NO.:) is 63449-41-2, usually the medical use of benzalkonium chloride into 1:1000 aqueous solution, used in the pre-surgical staff skin disinfection treatment, wound infection washing disinfection can be used for 0.01% concentration of benzalkonium chloride solution. The industry is mostly used as an algaecide and slime stripper for water treatment because benzalkonium chloride has a very high algaecide rate and wide water hardness requirements, and strong slime stripping ability, so benzalkonium chloride is also widely used as algaecide and slime stripper for industrial circulating cooling water.


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