What is scale inhibitor?

Scale inhibitor in our daily industrial production process of water purification has a vital role, but do you understand what is scale inhibitor?

Scale inhibitor is a water treatment agent, is a water treatment agent used in industrial cooling circulating water, in order to prevent the evaporation of water in the industrial cycle process caused by the growth of water impurities and precipitation of an industrial product, scale inhibitor is also used in reverse osmosis drinking water to do reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, and circulating water, reverse osmosis out of pure water in the conductivity has a strict limit.

So scale inhibitors are those types?

But from the above introduction can be seen that these organophosphorus, polycarboxylic acid scale inhibitors are relatively single, if a company wants to use a particular agent is difficult to achieve economic benefits, then, can a variety of agents mix and match together to use it? This is possible, as long as through a certain formulation process, the overall combination of pharmaceuticals, to achieve balanced benefits, thereby reducing the cost of using pharmaceuticals and reduce the number of pharmaceuticals used, the environment has also played a protective role, both economic and environmental protection. Thus there is boiler corrosion inhibitor, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, printing and dyeing wastewater scale inhibitor, heavy metal capture agent, corrosion inhibitor, oxygen bleaching stabilizer, color fixing agent, COD removal agent, etc. These relatively more direct professional water treatment chemicals.

From the above examples can be out, scale inhibitor is not the name of a single agent, is a unified name of the whole water treatment agents, if to achieve the benefits of economic environmental protection and energy-saving to use special agents, this agent is not a single ATMP, HEDP nor organophosphorus and polycarboxylic acid class is a number of monomers for synergistic formulation out of a new scale inhibitor, which is the origin and explanation of scale inhibitor This is the origin and explanation of scale inhibitors.


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